How To Create Successful Motivation In The Workplace

Motivation in the workplace in general terms is the process leaders use to get their employees to deliver high producing results. For success in today's difficult workplace environment. You better have a strong understanding of how to create long lasting performance and morale.

motivation in the workplace

Many leaders think they understand how to create motivation in the workplace. The problem here is that many of us, my self included think we have have an idea of how it works. But actually we just don't have a strong enough understanding. Leaders who do understand will not make the following types of statements.

"Get it done or else" or "Your lucky to even have a job".

These statements may have worked in the past. In todays workplace they are simply counterproductive.

Employees contanstly hear of cost cutting tactics like payroll, benifits, and layoffs. Not to mention a bad economy. So we shouldn't be to surprised that morale is low. To make matters worse many leaders increase employees responsiblilties with little or no pay increases.

As leaders we can't really blame them for being unmotivated.

Never has there been a more important time to invest in our employees. It's a priority to look more closely at building positive motivation in the workplace. These employees are the engine that drives the car.

motivation in the workplace

There are many ways to develope long lasting employee motivation in the workplace.

So what is your first step to motivate the workplace? Thats simple you need to determine if any barriers exist.

Another great way to motivate is to teach the importance of motivation to employees with self motivation tips and Maslow's theory on motivation.

Also a strong knowledge of how to handle and solve conflicts in the workplace will help. Use TKI for workplace conflicts and improved employee motivation.

The best way of course is to follow a proven process. Start by understanding the 7 stages of developing high performance through motivation. This process will allow you to create employee motivation in the workplace that gets results.

7 Stages Of Developing High Performance

1.Build A Strong Foundation This could be easy if your able to start with a new employee. Most likely you will be dealing with a seasoned employee. Whichever case, get to know them first then let them know What the ultimate outcome will be and how we will get there.

keep in mind that seasoned employees are set in their ways and will provide you challenges. This best way to handle this is to understand their personality and what makes them tick. This will allow you to find a good way to apporoach them. Use this to your advantage.

2.Employee Developement The key to this stage is positive reinforcent. It is here were Leaders will do a lot of training. A good way to make sure your efforts are working is to follow up on their progress.

Following up also allows you to learn if you need to make adjustments. Or simply say "great job".

3.Goal Setting Leaders often set individaul goals and business goals. This is great time to introduce a employee motivation recognition program. Offering awards to employees really makes a diffence. It also creates healthy competiton which helps performance. One tip to remember about goal setting. Make sure you have many small achieveable goals that build to your ultimate goal.

4.Have Fun This particular stage has the potential to be either the most effective or the most dangerous. SO BE CAREFUL ! We all spend more time with our coworkers, then we do our families. Having a little fun will do mainly two things: first It puts a spark into the day and secondly it allows employees to recognize when you are serious.

Having fun also cuts down on workplace stress.

motivation in the workplace

The downside is that it may cause lengthy distactions. Leaders especially need to be careful here. Don't cross that dangerous line of being to freindly with coworkers. It may be percieved as you might play favorites. Or better yet question decisions you might make.

5.Review The Review Stage is pretty straight forward. Look back on everything you and your team have done. Put together an performance analysis on each employee. Then look at the goals you have set and detremine if the results are exceptable. If the results aren't close enough to were you want then make adjustments.

6.Coach After the review stage you should have a good idea of what needs to be done. Deveolpe a plan for coaching in areas of weakness using your performance analysis report. Then revert back to Stage 2: Employee Developement and start the process over.

Sometimes leaders forget to coach and develope strengths and not just weaknesses. These employees are assets to your company and they'll make your job easier. Spend quality time with strong employees to learn what they are looking for out of your company. Find out if they would be willing to help with some of your weaker areas. You may be sursprised what you learn.

7.Change or Stay The moment of truth has arrived. Here you will decide to scrap the whole motivation in the workplace thing and start over. Or will you stay on the path you haved paved. It will take a while to measure your results of coaching, so be patient. You may just need to match up the right tasks with the right employees.

Leaders should have a good idea what to do at this point. If you decide to start allover, fine it's not the end of the world. Just remember that building a strong foundation happens over time.

How to effectively use the 7 stages of creating high performance through motivation

Learning what the 7 stages are is only half the battle. To really create long lasting motivation in the workplace we need to understand what skills to use in each stage. A strong understanding of many different types of management skills will help you.

Ask yourself the following question

Has everyone in my company including myself mastered these skills ?

Leadership, Team Building, Stress Management, Time Management, Performance Manaegement, Manageing Change, Manageing Conflict, Communication, Business Ethnics, Performaning Presentations, Project Management, Motivating employees, and Self Motivation

You may be surprised with your answer. When I was asked this question I know I was. I haven't meet a leader yet who has answered yes. The point here is that we all have strengths and weaknesses. We all need to work on weaknesses to achieve business success.

The same applies to life. We replace ineffective strategies of the past with new effective strategies. Many of us, may just need a refresher. Bottom line, to be successful you constantly need to be learning to stay ahead in this game. For more details on motivation in the workplace check out this article

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