Importance of Motivation: Why It's Critical For The Workplace And Everyday Life

This article covers the importance of motivation and why is employee motivation important. Leaders that understand motivating theories know how to increase and improve employee morale. They have ability to use self motivation tips to lead by example. When you combine it all together you will have created an opportunity for everyone to succeed.

Self Motivating Sets The Tone

Any leader knows that leading by example is a effective way to motivate. A leader that does this is normally treated with respect and fairness. One part of the importance of motivation involves self motivating. The leaders that are self motivated and disciplined often can lead by example with ease. They understand what goals need to be accomplished and how to get there.

Self motivation doesn't always come naturally to everyone. Even the best self motivated leaders need a jump start from time to time. Generate improved self motivation by working on goal setting skills in conjunction with positive thinking, visualization of success and self confidence.

Creating Motivation In The Workplace

The importance of motivation in the workplace allow managers to create employee motivation action plans. There are 10 techniques that can be used to pump excitement into the workplace. Use these strategies as a starting point to gain insight to your employees. With this information leaders will be able to determine underlying issues first before progressing to a particular employee motvation strategy.

There are many theories of employee motivation in today's business society. They all run parerell to one another and are all effective in motivating the workplace. They accomplish this by focusing on the stages of growth in humans. The key to choosing the right one depends on how closely it matches up to your office.

Maslow's Hierachy of Needs

In my opinon Maslow's hierachy of needs fits best for most business models. Abraham Maslow in 1943 developed this motivation theory that is still followed today. It also is a solid way to explain the importance of motivation. The basis of his theory discussess the importance of being comfortable with certain needs before moving on to the next desired need.

Follow the pyramid chart below and start at the bottom and work your way up. The process is simple, an indivdual will not be motivated until all the needs of a stage are achieved. Once a stage is complete the process to move onto the next dseired stage starts. The process is complete with completion of the final stage called Self-actualization.

importance of motivation

Motivation For Everyday Life

Employee motivation theories have created success for the workplace and everyday life. The effects have been felt by both employees and leaders. Understanding the importance of motivation leads to self motivating. Theories of motivation allow us to determine what level of desire a person is willing to excel. With that knowledge in place, leaders can employ proper employee motivation strategies.

In everyday life, proper motivation can be used for everything from finances, physical fitness or even building your own website. It provides you the neccessary road map for desired results. The bottom line is this motivation is just as important for the workplace as it is for everyday life.

For more information on motivation in the workplace check out this article How to create successful motivation in the workplace and the 7 stages of developing high level performance.

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