How To Motivate Employees: 12 Employee Motivation Ideas For Immediate Results

how to motivate employees

How to motivate employees is a frequently asked question. Articles on employee motivation are a great place for techniques, ideas and inspired solutions. Understanding this article will provide you with quick ways for motivation at work.

Creating Motivation in the workplace

Every leader and organization realizes the importance of a positive workplace environment. Developing a good workplace culture will not happen over night, it will take some time. There is no exact science to estimate how long the it will take to improve motivation for employees. The results of using good employee motivation techniques will outwiegh the length of time.

Expectations of positive employee motivation

    • Inspired workers
    • Focused on same goals
    • Increased productivity
    • Increased desire for advancement

Short term vs. Long term effects

It's important to note that the following strategies will only provide short term effects. They are though a great way to get the ball rolling to increase employee motivation over time. These ideas will lay the ground work and prime your employees for sustainable motivation. This by far sould be yours and your companies number one goal and objective.

The answer to the frequently asked question of how to motivate employees has two parts. First use short term techniques to warm up your employees. Then move on to putting bigger programs in place for long term effects. An example of this would be an recognition program.

One last word on short term and long term effects. Short term techniques and ideas work and should be used at every opportunity. Even if a long term motivation plan doesn't exist. They are great ways to inject some short bursts of excitement into the workplace. Just keep in mind that they will be less and less effective over time. This is why it is so important to use them in conjunction with long term programs.

#1 Merrit Increases

Merit increases are a simple pay increase that is awarded to an employee who has excelled in performance and productivity. Many companies allow this type of pay of merit award but with restrictions regarding timeframes and limits. They also may require you to do a an employee performance review. Smaller companies that have less restrictions benefit well using this technque.

#2 Recogniton

Using recognition has always been a solid answer to how to motivate employees. Its all about appreciating your staff and letting them know that they are doing good. Make sure that others hear what you are saying. Use meetings, hallways and even the lunch room as possible platforms. This idea is powerful, becasue we all like positive feedback.

#3 Talk to employees about career plans

Many employees would like to advance their career, but for some reason don't inquire about it. Leaders can still motivate employees that they feel are promotable. The simple conversation alone will improve their self esteem and confidence. They may even surprise you with increased performance. The point here is don't wait for them to come to you, go after them and inspire.

#4 Thank you notes

Thank you notes a handwritten personal sentiments that are effective. I have heard of employees holding on to thak you notes for self motivating purposes. Notes can be written on paychecks or by leaving a not on an employees desk.

Try Team Building Games

Fun team building games are a highly effective way to solve your problems of how to motivate employees. These ideas will inspire and motivate your staff. There are some really simple ones that you can create quickly with no cost. Your investment may cost you a few hours. This short article will help get you started in a snap.

#5 Movie passes

This type of award is similar to a merit increase that was mentioned above. This idea is way to work around restrictions of merit increases. Movie passes fall under the heading with gift cards, so your choices are unlimited.

#6 Coffee

This one my be the oldest trick in the book of how to motivate employees. Most offices have some sort of coffee making capabilites. Surprise the staff, take a coffee order and pick it up or schedule it for the next morning.

#7 Lunch

Schedule a potluck or provide lunch for your staff. Providing lunches impress, but the scheduled luncheons provide something to look forward to. Ask the staff for suggestions for an added touch.

#8 Birthday acknowledgement

There is something about birthdays and the workplace that go hand in hand. It's a good way to break up the day with a little fun. Many managers pick up the cost themselfs. While others arrange a schedule for the year. One employee is responsible for another employees birthday.

#9 Word of the day

You can really have fun with this one. Have your staff come up with some bizare words. Designate times throughout the day to use the specific word. If you want to really have some fun turn the word into a chant.

#10 Make time for employees

Another way of how to motivate employees is just make time for your staff. Listen to what they have to say. Learn a little about them and show them that you are interested. Spending a little time will provide employees the sense that they are more than just a number.

#11 Inspirational stories

There are many stories that you can find to talk about. Movies, books and even current events. What ever story you choose, try to make it realatable.

#12 Inspirational sayings

Use these simple sayings throughout the day, but don't over do it.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." Aristotle

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" Albert Einstein

Inspirational sayings can be found in motivational posters that you could hang around the office. These poster are most effective in sales types of offices. The main reason for there success is that they get you to think and focus on the task.

Managing Stress in the workplace and how to motivate employees goes hand and hand. Being able to handle stress will improve your ability to motivate workers. Stress can have a negative effect on employees. Read this article and learn more on how to handlestress in the workplace.

The above 12 quick ways of how to motivate employees are extremely effective. The best practice is to use them in conjunction with a long term employee motivaton program for optimal results. For more information on building long lasting motivation in the workplace. Then checkout this article about how to create succesful motivation in the workplace.

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