Fun Team Building Games: Ideas And What Outcomes you can Expect

Fun team building games are very powerful businees tools that any business can take advantage of. This article will provide you with my favorite team building games that I have used with success. As well as what you can expect to gain from them. Used correctly they can help your business grow and turn your staff into a team.

As leaders we all understand that each and every day is a new opportunity. We may take a great idea and build on it or fight off another pesky workplace issue. These issues may have developed due to poor communicating or even cowrokers inability to get along. Here are some key areas you can expect to improve on when using teamwork games.

Five expectations of fun team building games

fun team building games

1. Easier Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation is a constant on going challenge and at times complicated. Fun team building games creates the opportunity to learn the characteristics and abilities of your employees. You will find this information to be priceless in the future. These games will create a buzz of exciteement that will breakdown workplace stress and improve workplace culture.

2. Improved Problem Solving

Personnel experiences over time help us come up with ways to solve problems. Many of these ways turn into actions that become second nature. The problem with this is that we don't expand our thought process. Free team building games provides employees with the ability to think outside the box.

3. Break Down barriers

Fun team building games will improve an employers ability to break down walls that employees have built between coworkers. Team building execerises will force employees to work together by putting aside their differences. These games provide built in icebreakers for employees to get to know each other better. Team building icebreakers creates an opportunity that you never had before.

How To Breakdown Barriers

There are three ways that will help you to determine the existense of barriers. Discovering if any roadblocks exist will help you determine your next step. If that barrier is to big to knock down, like discrimination issues for example. The best course of action is to put these major concerns off for anther day. Smaller issues like typical diffences in oppinions can be handled right away.

Another example of an barrier that can cause headaches is stress. Understanding this particular barrier might be the most important to any manager. Find out more here in this stress management in the workplace article.

Even if some barriers do exist, you should be able to get disgruntled employees to at least work together in a mandatory team building project. This will present an opportunity to rebuild the damaged lines of communication. Keep in mind that the awareness of barriers is not just only used in the team building process. It is the all important first step in the process of building employee motivation.

4. Goal Mindset

In buisness we have two types of goals: one being individaulistic and the other team oriented. All of us have individaul goals for careers, income levels or even how much weight to lose. We often fing ourselves not looking any farther beyond our individaul goals. Understanding the goals of your company for example will allow you to do your job better.

Office team building games will make you look at the goals of a group. You will find a new perspective for individaul goals in light of comapnay goals. You will develope a new understanding that all the goals of your coworkers are just as important as your own.

5. Improve Communication

Poor communication in the workplace frustrates many. Do you remeber the last time you recieved 10 emails from different departments all saying the same thing. This is the result of upper management inability to properly communicate. The reasons could range from office politics or being afraid to step on some toes.

Enhance team building through communicating is a simple first step. Team building projects for a group can have one person in charge. The other group members work with the leader of the group. These interactions of the group dictate the way communication should flow in an organization.

fun team building games

Examples of Fun Team Building Games

Silo Treatment

This mind challenging games objevtive is to avoid "Silo" mentality and the many pitfalls that lead to silo thinking. Learning outcomes that you can expect are Teamwork, following directions, pushing the limits ethically and communications.

The process consists of a tall plastic drum being riddled with holes. The team’s assignment is to fill the silo to overflowing using large buckets of water. Decisions must be made regarding resources utilization, personnel issues, trade-offs, and other challenges.

We found that this game forces you to communicate with others. For example, one group member gives an idea and the rest of the group will build on it. The opportunity exists to develope some great ideas.

Your On The Ball

This fun team building game requires everyone to do there part for it to be successful. The objective is to coordinate the movement of people and materials in a highly efficient manner while improving performance. Learning outcomes that you can expect are Teamwork, communications, creative problem solving and clearly defined leadership.

In this high-energy, fast paced game, everyone has to be "on the ball" literally in order to win. As teams race against each other, some may occasionally fall off the ball, but everyone can succeed in accomplishing their goal as long as each team member "carries their own weight."

We found this game to be everything it was expected to do. Defintely a game to repeat.

The above two team building games and ideas are from Action Centered Training. Check out their website for more ideas.

Scavenger Hunt

Traditional scavenger hunts tend to have timeframes that you just cant count on. One variation of the traditional scavenger hunt you can try is called photo scaveneger hunt. The objective is to work as a team by manging time and priortizing. Learnig outcomes that you can expect: are improved communications, leadership, and problem solving abilities.

This fun team building game requires that everyone needs a digital camera. Put together a unique list of things that you need to take a photo of. It could be something simple like a red car or a police officer eating a doughnut. Place a reasonable timeframe on the hunt and determine where to met.

Capture The Flag

There may not be a more fun team building game then capture the flag. It is a lot like paintball, but without the equipment. Learning outcomes for this game are imporved leadership, responsibilty, and cooperation. The objective of this game is for each team to trust each other, follow directions, and to think fast.

Divide a group of people into two teams. Each team is then divided into two groups: one for offense and one for defense. The idea of the game is the offense group is to capture a flag of an opposing team. While the defensive group is to protect their own team flag. Once a flag has been captured it needs to make it back to their own teams flag pole in order to win. It could take a few hours to determine a winner.

Using fun team building games are not just fun but will provide you the opportunity to improve many areas. Looking for more information on team building then check out team building in the workplace.

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