Employee Performance Management: What Is And Create Simple Employee Motivation

Employee performance management can be viewed in different ways. So, then what is performance management in relation to employee motivation. In order to understand the relationship of them, you first need to define performance management.

employee performance management

Employee performance management in its simplest form builds success and improvement for everyone. This process works the best when it starts at the top of an organisation and trickles down. In realty, upper management may support the idea, but don't always follow the process.

This dosen't mean that an organisation can't build success and improvement for everyone. It's even more critical for midlevel managers and employees to work together in the communication process. They must identify barriers and find ways to work around those barriers.

In a pervious article I mentioned how communication builds employee motivation. Here it is again, communications skills play a key role in the success of employee performance management. Good communcation skills allow leaders to lay the groundwork for simple employee motivation in the workplace. So here is another opportunity to motivate employees with successful employee management performance.

Having the ability to be an effective communicator will help you identify and resolve communication issues. Understanding these concerns will improve your ability to tackle the performance management process. Find more information on what can block communications in this article on workplace communication skills.

Author Robert Bacal has a philosophy on employee perfromance management.

"Be forward looking. No blame. Problem solve. Hold ongoing communication. No surprises. Forms are trivial and unimportant to the real purpose. All barriers need to be considered, not just employee-based factors."

Performance Management Techniques

Many organisations still choose to do employee appraisal annaully. There has been a shift towards a new way. Some companies are now doing employee reviews every few weeks in a quick 5- 10 minute how is everything going type of meeting. A more detailed sit down four times a year, then a full year end employee review.

The changes in the tradtional review process are being considered due to the fact that many businesses view current ratings and rankings as lacking. Tradtional reviews are based on specific measurable objectives. Measurable objectives like work flow and productivity should weigh less. With more improtance put on finding ways to perform better, improve job difficulties and what could be done to improve productivity.

Summed up, you are still doing an employee performance improvement plan or employee development plan. There is just more emphasis on organisationl goals then personel measurable specfic objectives. The same result just a different process to get there.

Learn how to write employee appraisals over time using this new philosophy. It will make the whole review writting process easier and simplified. For more information on employee appraisals read this article entitled "Writting Employee Performance Reviews".

Expectations of Employee Performance Management

Peoplestreme.com porvides five postive outcomes of performance management that I support. 1. improved communications- With the opportunity of muiltiple meetings throughout the year. There is zero chance for communication not to imporve. 2. everyone knows the rules- there are no surprises and everyone is on the same page. They understand what is expected of them and how they will get there. 3.Stress reduction- when good communcication exists there is reduction in stress. 4. Relevance for all- Everyone is part of the team and they feel like a team. 5. Employee learning and development starts to happen- This outcome is the result of the employee development plan. Employee Motivation also becomes simple for leaders when employees see that you care. employee performnce management

Five Key Step Process

Follow this five step process for successful employee performance management. Use the first three steps throughout the year in your short meetings. Keep in mind steps three and four throughout the year. The last to steps are for annual employee appraisals.

1. Planning Process

Leaders use this to planout employee development plan with the understanding that it will be adjusted.

2. Monitoring Process

The day to day process of observation and progress review. There is employee tracking software that can help with this.

3. Developing Performance

This step will result from sit downs throughout the year. Feedback form both the manager and employee will help in employee performance improvement plan.

4. Rating

Use measurable specfic objectives in comparision to organisational goals to arrive at ratings.

How To Write Measurable Objectives"

writting solid objectives that are measurable can be a challenage. There is a process that you can follow to ensure yourself that your objectives are measurable. Do yourself a favor and read this article entitled "How To write Measurable Objectives" .

5. Rewards

Determine reawrds such as raises, bounses or promotion opportunitys. Many rewards are based on what an organization feels fair and willing to pay.

Employee Perfomance Management provide the opportunity to build good commmunication and increased employee motivation. Follow the steps and ideas above and everyone will succeed.

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