Employee Motivation Ideas: The First Step

Employee motivation ideas can range from simple to extravagent. Many of these employee motivation tips show you how to increase employee motivation in the workplace. But where do you actually start the process of motivaing.

There are basically two ways to look at motivating in the workplace. One way is developing short term motivation. This type is essentail a quick boost to morale. The second way is to build long lasting motivation. Building sustainable employee motivation takes quite a while and is a constant work in progress.

It's for this reason alone that leaders and organizations alike choose to opt for the quick boost of morale approach. This is not to say that gift cards and recognition awards simply don't work. The truth being is that they are quite effective.

Employees are the heart and soul of every organization. They provide you with the tools to build and drive your business. Without them you have nothing. This is the answer to the question why is employee motivation important? And yet, it still surprises me to see how many companies still choose against trying to build long lasting employee motivation.

employee motivation ideas

Deciding which employee motivation ideas to take on vary from company to company. What works for one company may not work for another. This is part of the reason why motivating employees is challenging and a constant work in progress. The overall goal should be to develope a positive workplace environment with the constant focus on motivating and retaining employees.

      How To Build A Sustainable Positive Morale?

The first thing you need to do is to identify any underliying conflicts or issues. The reason is that many workplace issues and conflicts can turn into roadblocks. These barriers can have a negative effect on productivity and personnel performance. Some roadblocks are not always easy to recoginze, which makes indentifying them a priority.

Workplace conflicts and issues can range from wide list of topics. Co worker conflicts involve employees who are irratiated and frustrated with the way other workers act. An example of this could exist of a group of employees communicating in a different language. The issue here is that many employees feel out of place. They may feel that others may be talking about them. The bottom line is they just may feel uncomfortable.

Workers may also develope conflicts and issues from simple stress. Either work related or even ffom personnel problems. Sometimes these issues can cause big problems for an organization. These fall under discriminaton or even harassment problems.

Discrimination and Harrassment concerns are very delicate issues and should be taken with the upmost seriousness.

I refer to these issues as a death sentence for morale. This is mot the end of finding employee motivation ideas. For the time being focus on resolving the serious issues. A word of warning though, don't try to reslove these concerns on your own. Always consult someone and take a partner. Contact your organizations human resource department for guidance.

Sometimes these major workplace issues can be turned into employee motivation opportunities. Co workers will respect you for taking on the issues. For the simple reason that many leaders try to ignore this type of issue. Having respect and giving respect are ways to build moitvation in the workplace.

      There Are Mainly Three Ways For an Organization to Determine if Issues and Conflicts Exist.

1. One on one conversations- approaching employees this way can be imformative. As long as they trust you. Many times employees will not say there is something wrong went actually there is. They basically don't want to cause waves or creating trouble.

2. Employee motivation survey- Surveys are a solid business tool that can help determine workplace issues. They can also be used to develope and research employee motivation ideas. In most cases employees feel more comfortable taking part in surveys. There is more of an opportunity for an organization to discover issues that are much deeper in scope. Workplace culture issues like the previously mentioned discrimanation and harrassment topics seem to be discovered.

There are a lot of software and programs that can help you create and manage surveys.

3. Tip lines- Most organizations offer a tip line for employees to report issues and concerns. Tip lines are effectively used by human resource departments to learn of critical issues. Issues that are commonly reported range from theft, unfair treatment, workplace bullying and even harrassment concerns.

There are many more employee motivation ideas like recognition, contests, promotional items and even team building activities. There are really an unlimited amount of ways to motivate the workforce.

Another way to improve morale is for leaders and managers alike to improve their own employee motivation skills. Improving skills like time manangement, team building, communication skills, leadership abilities just to name a few. It's a proven fact people will follow individauls who walk the walk and talk the talk. Motivate by setting the tone and leading by example.

Use employee motivation ideas for motivating and retaining employees. Make sure you first identify any major barriers. Reslove them and you are on your way to a workplace culture that is positive and productive. Read more on how to handle conflicts in the workplace.

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