How To Be A Standout Leader: First Define Leadership

Define leadership is just the first step for someone who how wants to be a standout leader. So, what is leadership? Leadership is when an individual chooses to be the one in charge, someone who can provide answers and not be afraid to ruffle a few feathers. They are willing to travel down the road that others fear. A good leader is not scared off and is willing to make tough decisions during tough situations.

Leaders have the ability to transform people. They will look at a person and think "this is what you are now and that is what you could be".

define leadership

It has been my experience that many people would like to be in charge, but choose not to. This reaction is not because they don't think they can handle it. Its the way many employees see the way other managers get treated. My response to this reason is simple. Leaders that define leadership with well balanced management skills tend to have far less issues with superiors.

Well skilled leaders have less dififculties providing employee motivation. Strong leadership leads to improved positive workplace culture. This in turn increases productivity and profits.

Keep in mind that leadership is just one of the important keys to successful employee motivation. Leaders need to have well rounded skills in time management, team building, managing stress and ethics in leadership, etc. For more information on skills that leaders need to develop take a look at career management training or the employee motivation homepage.

So, if you still want to be a leader then make sure you first define leadership and then proceed to step two.

The second step is having good leadership skills. Leaders need to focus on a variety of skill areas to be successful as a leader. Management skills like communications and delegating are examples of key skill areas. We will discuss ten key areas of focus for leaders to standout.

Communication Skills

This particular skill is all aobut interactions. Define leadership is one thing but a leaders ability to communicate companay objectives good or bad is vital. Keeping everyone on the same page can be a challenge. Remember that all your employees have different tasks and they often can be narrow focused on their own objectives not those of the company. Read more here about communication in the workplace.

Tell Hard Truths

In the opening paragraph above I spoke of a good leader doesn't get scared off. Leaders at times need to tell it as it is while understanding that nothing good may come from it. The one thing you can do is spin it in a way that that is less negative. These topocs can range from layoffs to performance problems.


This skill might be the easiest, but most ignored. Leaders often choose not to listen to employees and all it does is create problems. It sure dosen't help your workplace environment and your ability to motivate employees. Leaders need to give employees time. I mean really listen to them, not half heartedly. You'll will be surprised what you can gain from 5-10 minutes of listening.

Another important point about listening to your employees. Spending time listening to your employees also must open up some ideas of potentail conflicts in the workplace. Just understanding that they exist will allow you to put a workplace conflict resolutuion plan in action.

define leadership


Here is another skill that is often not used at all or simply not enough. I cant count the amount of times I have heard a manager tell me that they weren't able to complete a task. There reasons are "I dont trust them" or "Fear of unhappy employees" . The bottom line is this, they are there to work for you. Workers understand this even though they might not like the request.


Define leadership throughly and understand all the nuiances of different skills will make motivation in the workplace simple. Employee motivation has never been a bigger challenge. What used to work for all generations dosen't work the same way anymore. Try these tips and techniques for leaders to improve workplace motivation.

Coping With Change

Dealing with change can range from anything like technology to personell. It can either have a positive effect or send shock waves of negativity and anger. To handle negatives and anger you will need to understand the areas of telling hard truths, communication skills and be a good listener.

Business Ethics

Ethics in leadership as in business is all about good morales and doing what is in the best interest of the business. We are all human and some leaders choose to travel the unethical path to get results. The results they may get are quick and profitable. But in the long term they will lose out. For more information try this article on ethics in the workplace.


Leaders that standout are extremely focused. They focus on what they do good and how they can imporve on it. They also focus on their weaknesses and how they can improve them. They are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their business or personell carerr.

Set Goals

Leaders need to be able to set goals for their employees as well as for themselves. Leaders tend to set unrealistic goals for themselves and the opposite occurs when setting goals for employees. Remember you only have so much time and a lot to do. When you are putting together your goals keep in mind your ability to delegate.

define leadership


The best leaders are visionaries. They can see the future and develop a path to get there. Bill Gates had a vision, but you don't have to be so bold. Leaders can have vision but keep it simple. An example of a simple vision could be, who can I develop into the next great business leader or who can replace me if I get that promoted.

What Type Of Leadership Theories Should I Use?

Know that you have define leadership and have an idea of what skills you need know to be an successful leader. You now must determine what type of leadership style to use. There are many leadership theories to choose from that are great for motivating your employees. For more information on this topic, then check out the article The Best Leadership Theories For Employee Motivation

Define leadership

and understand the management skills for success. Remember leaders can transform others and motivate well. Do your homework and cover your bases. You may want to consider looking at career management training. For independent skills and information on employee motivation checkout "The Employee Motivation Skills Blog".

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