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Hello my name is Bill Richards and I am the owner and author of this website. I live in the town of North Haven, ct in the United States. Where I have been happliy married to my wife Catherine since 1998.

This about me page will tell the story of how I becaome invloved in management. While at the same time being able to do something I enjoy. Though, The road to this point hasn't been easy.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be that person. The person in charge, the person who makes the important decisions. Being a leader that others can look to for direction and guidance.

I really cant explain why I enjoy being in that position. Maybe its the satisfaction I get when things work out right. On the other hand you are accountable for decisions that were made that dont work out. My feeling is that you can always correct a problem or build on mistakes.

Growing up it was the satisfaction that I felt from helping others. This was in the form of helping friends work through problems and difficult times. But once I entered the workplace I found myself helping others solve problems and providing suggestions for improvement. Thinking back on it now, I had no idea of this being a career builder. It was in college when I had that moment when the light bulb clicked on. You know that moment when everything just clicks.

I remember the exact moment when it all clicked. One lecture in Behavioral Management and nothing was ever to be the same. A career in management was born. That night I discovered that being in management allows you the ability to oversee things and be in control. At the same time being able to help and develop others.

Building A Career

Over the past 20 years I Have worked for several companies in a management capacity. I was able to build on each previous job. I have been in charge of groups in size ranging from 5 employees to 35 employees. Over time I realized that all these companies had the same thing in common. They all lacked the ability to effectively create long lasting employee motivation.

I thought of ways how this problem could be reversed. Long lasting employee motivation just dosen't happen it has to be inspiring. Something that can be developed and maintable. There are many ways to build a happy workplace culture that can be found on this website. But there is a starting point in the process. That starting point is having a strong understanding of essentail management skills.

So why is this important, because we will all have strentgths and weaknesses. We are good at some skills and not so good with others. No one is perfect, my self included. I strongly believe that you must work to your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Changing with the times is vital or you will be left behind.

The Shocking Setback

In the spring of 2009 I became part of that dreaded group "one out of every ten americans" is part of. Thats right I had just joined the group of one out of every ten americans who are unemployed. This group has no upside with limited available jobs for even the most experienced person that has an MBA. Not to mention the poor economy. Everything that I had worked for gone. Talk about a life changing moment.

As time passed, I started to second guess my career path. I knew that I would only have partial control working for someone else. So while looking for a new job I started to search for opportunities that provided unlimited control. An opportunity that would let me do what I enjoy while being in total control of my income and job security.

New Beginnings

In the fall of 2009 the vision of what was to become Employee Motivation Skills.com was created. This website would allow me to continue my passion of helping others and still be in total control. Take all my management knowledge of what I have learned about employee motivation. The right skills to use to simplify the process. And at the same time showing others the importance of self growth and personel developement.

I still had one problem, I had no clue had how to build a website. I thought about a blogging, building my own site and even having someone build it for me. But I still knew very little about driving traffic on the internet. Then it happened, I stumbled on to an article about a webhosting company called SBI or SITESELL.

It is an amazing all in one webhosting service. You are provided a 10 day step by step process that you can follow at your own pace. Everything from choosing a topic, keyword research, building pages and even driving traffic.

If you have any concerns about your financail stability or even retirement. Maybe you are a stay at home mom in need of extra income. Maybe your just looking for a part time work from home opportunity. And finally if you are like I was and unemployed or still are. Then you owe it to yourself to check out SitSell for yourself and see some examples of websites that others have created.

Remember my passion is about helping others with self growth and development in business and in life. What is your passion?.

Checkout this quick 77 second intro to Solo Build It !

Have a question about employee motivation or any skill on this website. Or do you have questions about Sitesell. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page. I am here to help you !

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